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The Hectic camping kitchen is made from powder coated sheet metal and has three drawers containing all the cooking utensels, cutlery and melamine crockery needed to cook up a storm in the great outdoors.

The contents of the camping kitchen is stored in high density foam cutouts and ensure that the kitchen is always well organised whilst keeping the contents from shifting during tough off road conditions.

Another handy feature this camping kitchen has is the wind shields attached to the lid. The wind shields fold out when the lid is opened and attach to the side of the box and also keeps the lid upright.

This kitchen box includes the following:

1x high pressure 2 burner LPG stove

6x knives

6x forks

6x spoons

6x tea spoons

6x steak knives

1x bread knife

1x can opener

1x bbq tonges

1x lighter

6x dinner plates

6x breakfast bowls

6x mugs

6x glasses

3x spices bottles

2x salt and pepper shakers

1x cork screw bottle opener